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The Simplify Your Digital Marketing Programs

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of creating a digital marketing strategy?

Are you frustrated with not knowing where to start or what to do to be sure all your hard work creating content will pay off?

You're not alone! Trying to build an email list, grow your social media following and increase your blog traffic can be a lot to manage.

The time and energy it takes to create an effective digital marketing strategy can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed!

And this is exactly why I've created these NEW One-On-One PROGRAMS!

The Simplify Your Digital Marketing Programs are a way to meet you where you are to help you get laser-focused and confident about your digital marketing strategies

How Do I Know if These Strategy Programs Are Right For Me?

👉 You've already started your service-based or coaching business. 

👉 You're visible on social media.

👉 You're working hard to grow an email list. 

👉 You may also have a blog or YouTube presence.

👉 You've attended Masterclasses. 

👉 You've downloaded ALL. THE. FREEBIES!




You're STILL struggling to find a way to get all of these platforms to work together to maximize your time and grow your business.


👉 You aren't getting the reach or response you've worked so hard for. 

👉 You know you need to create content that works together but you aren't sure how to do it.

Bottom line - You're tired of wasting time, flying by the seat of your pants, and GETTING NOWHERE!!


Having someone right by your side, helping you design a custom digital marketing strategy for YOUR business!

Someone who can help you:

  • Understand how an effective digital marketing strategy works so that you can book out more services without losing your mind!

  • Set clear goals each month (and actually reach them!)

  • Choose the platforms that work FOR you instead of AGAINST you (pssst...You DO NOT have to be on every platform!)

  • Create and repurpose content on each of your platforms so that you have more time to spend in your zone of genius!

  • Develop a repeatable strategy you can use month after month so that you don't absolutely DREAD planning out your strategy!

How do I get started?

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Click Let's Get Started!

  2. Complete the Form.

  3. Check your email to choose your Program!


Once you choose a Program, you'll receive a link to schedule your FREE 30-minute Virtual Discovery Coffee Chat!

Programs Available

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Coaching Program - $450

Overcome the Overwhelm of Social Media Marketing with this 6-Week Program! With this program, you'll learn how to simplify your Social Media Marketing so you'll no longer DREAD showing up on social media or wonder what you're going to post each day!

What's Included?

  • 3 -  Bi-weekly, 1.5 hour Zoom Calls (Valued at $600)

  • Custom Trello Board (Valued at $175)

  • Private Client Portal (Valued at $125)

Simplify Your Email Marketing Strategy Coaching Program - $450

Whether you're just starting your Email Marketing journey, or you've been at it for a while, this 6-Week Program will help you develop an effective design and strategy that can be repeated month after month, so you're never left wondering what you're going to send to your email list again!

What's Included?

  • 3 -  Bi-weekly, 1.5 hour Zoom Calls (Valued at $600)

  • Custom Trello Board (Valued at $175)

  • Private Client Portal (Valued at $125)

Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy Coaching Program - $750

During this 3-month Program, you'll learn how to Overcome the Overwhelm of Digital Marketing and gain clarity with your laser-focused digital marketing strategy plan for your Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and/or Blog each month!


You can then breathe easy, knowing your marketing efforts are all working together FOR you, not the other way around!

What's Included?

  • 3 -  Monthly 1.5 hour Zoom Calls (Valued at $600)

  • 3 - Personalized Digital Marketing Strategy Plans delivered after each call (Valued at $450)

  • Custom Trello Board (Valued at $175)

  • Private Client Portal (Valued at $125)

  • 50% Discount on my Red Phone Service Calls - Have a question or concern that cannot wait until our next strategy call? Schedule a 30-minute Red Phone Service call at a 50% discounted rate of $75. (Payment is due at the time of scheduling the call.)

Click the link below to get started TODAY!

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