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Stop wasting time, trying to figure out HoneyBook on your own!

Are you a DIY'r who has been looking for a step-by-step checklist and guide from someone who specializes in HoneyBook set ups…like, say a HoneyBook Pro?




Grab your Systems Simple Start Checklist + Guide and start designing like a PRO!


This 65+ page, Systems Simple Start Checklist + Guide is an excerpt from the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp and will take you through all of the steps needed to successfully set up your HoneyBook system without the second guessing and overwhelm.


These are the exact same steps I take all of my 1:1 clients through to ensure a smooth set up and now you also have access to my Signature HoneyBook Set Up Process!


Click the link below to purchase your Systems Simple Start Checklist + Guide and it will be delivered straight to your inbox.

You're LITERALLY minutes away from having your hands on my signature set up process at a fraction of the investment of working 1:1!

Systems Simple Start Checklist & Guide Mock Up.png

Your System Simple Start Checklist + Guide Includes:

  • 3 page checklist of everything you need before you start diving into my Signature 10-Step Set-Up Process!

  • Instructions to help you implement each and every step!

  • Worksheets to help you map out specific steps before you implement in HoneyBook!

  • Templates so there's no second guessing on whether you got it right or not!

  • Screenshots and more to take you through each and every step! 

Grab Your Systems Simple Start Checklist + Guide!

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