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You may not be able to choose a favorite child, but you CAN choose your favorite platform(s)!

If you have kids, then you'll understand why this aspect of Digital Marketing may be more difficult than it sounds.

You may not be able to choose your favorite child, but you CAN choose your favorite platform(s)!

Just like kids, each platform has its own "personality," so to speak.

Twitter is the loud toddler who just spouts off whatever is on their mind at the moment.

Facebook is the teenager that never knows exactly what they want and just wants to have fun.

Instagram is the young adult who is finding themself and taking everyone along on their journey.

LinkedIn is the college graduate who is now getting in touch with their professional side.

Your blog and website, which are kind of like twins - they may look a like in a sense, but they have different personalities!

Your blog can be opinionated at times, but mostly just wants to help and your website is the nerd of the family, sharing all of the facts and being specific about what they do.

Just as with your kids, it's not easy to pick a favorite platform, or two, to focus primarily on.

We tend to focus on whichever is the loudest or most popular at the time (the squeaky wheel get the grease, after all), but that might not be what's best for us as we're trying to grow and promote our business.

What we need to do instead is focus on the platforms that are bringing results and that are actually building a community!

If you're gaining traction, seeing an ROI and building a community on Facebook, rather than Instagram, then back off of Instagram a bit and focus more of your attention on nurturing your following on Facebook. And vice versa.

Same goes for all of the other platforms.

Please understand, I'm not saying to jump ship on all other platforms, but instead, focus most of your attention on the platforms that are bringing results and growing your business and incorporate a post or 2 each week on other relevant platforms.

There is one exception to this...if you're passionate about growing on a specific platform - let's say your blog - then definitely spend time building out your content strategy. But, don't just wing it!

You also need to take into consideration which platforms you actually enjoy being on.

If you dread getting on LinkedIn to post and engage, then it's time to evaluate how its serving you and your business. If it's not a main source of leads and engagement, then back off of it so you can focus on platforms you enjoy AND that bring an ROI.

So, to wrap up, here are THREE things you need to do to make sure you're choosing the right platforms to spend time on:

1. Evaluate how each platform is serving you and back off of those that aren't serving you.

What is the ROI from each platform? Which platforms are you gaining leads, engagement, or building a community on?

If they aren't serving you, then it's time to back off and focus on those that ARE serving you.

2. Which platforms do you actually ENJOY being on?

If you don't enjoy the platform, it becomes more of a daunting chore instead of an opportunity to engage and grow.

3. What is ONE platform you really want to develop?

Maybe you've created a LinkedIn profile, but haven't taken the time to really develop a strategy for it.

You know you enjoy the platform and want to give it a try and now that you've backed off of the platforms that aren't serving you, you can focus that attention on the platform you want to try out!

BONUS: Does this seem overwhelming? If so, then it's time to chat with a Strategy Coach!

When you book your Strategy Session, you'll get a fresh set of eyes on your content and platforms to make sure they're all working FOR you, not against you!

You'll learn how to create a cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy, so everything works together to reach your goals each month.

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