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You Have an Email List..Now What? Using Social Media to Grow Your Email List.

You've spent countless hours building out your email marketing platform, perfecting your Freebie Offer, writing your Welcome Series, setting up automated emails and now you're ready to start inviting people to join your List.

I know when I was at this exact point, I wasn't sure where to go from here. I asked myself:

  • Do I just add a sign-up form to my website?

  • Do I start adding people that I know?

  • What else should I do?

First of all, YES...Add a sign-up form to your website and NO...DO NOT add people without their permission. 😉

In regard to the last question, your next step is to start promoting on Social Media and today I'm going to share 4 quick ways you can do just that!

1. Decide WHO you want to invite to your list. Who is your target audience?

Start off with your clients, warm leads, and your die hard fans. You can send them an email or private message with a link to join, while explaining the purpose of your Email List and that you would love for them to join.

Be sure to keep these messages PERSONAL by including their name and one or two reasons why you think they would enjoy being on your list. Let them know that this is how you'll be sharing information with them first, as well as any incentive or freebie they'll receive for joining.

2. Decide how often you're going to promote your email list on Social Media. I always suggest adding it in wherever you can - as a P.S. at the end of posts or tying it into the post by stating, "I shared this information with my email list earlier in the week, so be sure you're on my list so you don't miss out next time!"

I also suggest promoting your freebie opt-in offer at least once a week. Make sure you explain HOW this freebie or incentive is going to help solve one of their problems and WHY they need this from you, as well as the benefits of being on your list.

Share it EVERYWHERE - your stories, tag friends in the comments, post in groups you're a part of when you can, etc.

3. Reach out to your Biz Besties and ask them to help you promote your offer. We've all been there and have asked for help, so don't feel embarrassed asking! Think of 2-4 people you can ask to help you over the next couple of week by sharing with their audiences.

Be sure to give back...share their offers and posts, too!

4. Be sure to actually SEND emails to your list. This isn't necessarily about social media but, honestly, it's THE MOST IMPORTANT step! There's no point of getting people on your list if you're not going to send out emails regularly - and by regularly, I mean AT LEAST twice a month. Depending on your niche, one email a week is ideal, but when you're just starting it's important to do what you can.

No need to recreate the wheel when trying to come up with email content. Think about how you can use social media content and blog posts as starting points for your email marketing strategy!

In my last Blog Post, I shared 4 emails you can send to your list over the next month. Granted, they are based on the Coronavirus Pandemic going on around the world right now, but they'll still be relevant when this is over!

Would you like more guidance as to what to send to your email list or how to promote your opt-in on all of your online marketing platforms?

Schedule a FREE Virtual Coffee Chat to see if we would be a good fit for the Email Marketing services I provide! There are several options to work together and I'm here to help you find the option that works best for you AND your budget!

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