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You Have an Opt-In...Now What? Eight Ways to Promote Your Opt-In and Start Growing Your List TODAY!

You've been hard at work getting your Email List up and going. You have your opt-in designed and your landing page is ready to go...but, NOW WHAT?

Here are 8 ways to promote your opt-in online and start growing your list TODAY!

1. On Facebook:

  • Add link to your Facebook Description

  • Add a "Sign Up" Button to your Facebook Business Page

  • Share in Facebook Groups on their specified promotion days.

2. On Instagram:

  • Add the link to your Instagram Bio links page (And get rid of LinkTree while you're at it! 😉)

  • Share it along with the benefits in your stories.

3. On LinkedIn:

  • Promote on a Post

  • Write an Article to promote your opt-in

4. On your Website:

  • Add a pop-up or subscription form to your website.

  • Add a subscription bar to your "About" and "Contact" pages

5. On Your Blog:

  • Add a subscription bar to your Blog

  • Mention it in relevant blog posts with a link

6. In Your Email Signature:

  • Add the link to your opt-in to your email signature.

7. Ask current subscribers to share with their friends and colleagues.

  • Consider an incentive or giveaway for those who participate!

8. As a guest on a blog or podcast

  • Add the link to your bio!

Want a printable version of this list? Click here to download!

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