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Using National Days to BOOST Engagement

Looking for ideas to get more engagement on social media and emails?

Using fun and informational dates like these might be just what you need!

You don't necessarily have to call each of these out in your posts and emails, but instead use them as a starting point for your April Content Calendar. This is the first thing I do when developing my client's content calendars! It's an easy way to knock out one post each week.

Think outside of the box on can you use them to promote your business or provide valuable information in a fun way? Some of these are good for just fun, engaging posts.

Here are a few examples of ways you can use these dates:

April 1 - National Walking Day - Share the benefits of walking or tips on how to make sure you get your steps in each day on social media and your email list.

Hashtag to Use: #nationalwalkingday

April 2 - National PB&J Day - Share a story about eating PB&J's as a child and then ask what their favorite jelly is or if they like smooth or chunky peanut butter. You can also send your story to your email list and use the poll feature to get their vote.

Hashtag to use: #peanutbutterandjellyday

April 7 - World Health Day - Write a post/email thanking all of the health care professionals who are working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you have a family member or friend in the medical field? Share how this is impacting their lives.

Hashtag to use: #worldhealthday

April 12 - Easter - Wish everyone a happy Easter and then ask what their favorite Easter candy is...give choices for them to choose from. Many email marketing platforms have polls you can integrate into your emails. Try that out today with your email list!

Hashtag to use: #easter2020

April 16 - Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day - Ask: If you've transitioned to working from home, has this been your every day work attire? Welcome to the Work From Home Community! Then, share some tips that make working from home a bit easier on social media and your email list.

You could also do a poll on social media asking, "Who's working in their pj's today?"

April 20 - National Look-Alike Day - Ask: "Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? If so, let us know who people think you look like in the comments!"

Be sure to share who you've been told you look like in the post, too.

Hashtag to use: #nationallookalikeday

April 22 - Administrative Professionals Day - Write a post thanking the Administrative Professionals in your life.

Are you an Administrative Professional? Take this time to share how you serve your clients with a Call to Action to book a call with you on a post and in an email to your list.

April 23 - National Picnic Day - Ask: If you could have a picnic anywhere in the world, where would you go? Be sure to share yours in the post!

Hashtag to use: #nationalpicnicday

April 23 - World Book Day - Share what books your reading during this quarantine. If you're an author, do a book giveaway for those who share their favorite book of yours in the comments.

Hashtag to use: #worldbookday

April 25 - National Telephone Day - Share how the telephone has changed in your lifetime and ask others to share theirs in the comments.

If your business is in the communication field (copy writing, social media managers, email marketing, business coach, etc.), you can share tips or your offer to help them communicate more effectively on social media and to your email list.

Hashtag to use: #nationaltelephoneday

April 30 - Honesty Day - Start your post/email with, "Can I be honest with you today?" and then go on to explain something you've struggled with that you now have the solution for. This is a great way to promote an offer or freebie you have!

Hashtag to use: #honestyday

This gives you a quick glance at how I work with my clients to develop effective and engaging content for their online marketing! During our monthly strategy calls, we go through all of the National Days and figure out how we can incorporate them into their strategy for the month and then build out the rest of the content from there.

If you're interested in booking a Strategy Call to help you develop more engaging content, you can schedule a FREE 30 Minute Virtual Coffee Chat!

I hope these tips help you as you're planning your content for April. I'll only be sharing these monthly content ideas with my email list from now on, so be sure you hop over to my FREEBIES page to get signed up while grabbing a useful download at:

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