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Top 3 Tips for Building a Successful Email List

Having a successful email list is a top priority for every business owner. It's the easiest way to contact all of your subscribers with updates, special offers, and trade tips.

It can be an overwhelming process whether you're just beginning or already have a successful list. Trying to decide on an opt-in, what information to capture, what kind of content to share and how often to share it, and how to actually manage your list data and statistics is a lot to process!

Here are three simple tips to help you get focused and create a plan to build your successful email list.

1. Have an opt-in with a sign up form requesting up to 3 pieces of information. This is the key to building a successful list!

When considering an opt-in, think about the problems your clients are asking you to help them solve. Also, think about the most asked questions you receive. How can you serve your subscribers with a free, but very useful product as an opt-in?

Then, you want to consider the top three pieces of information you need to collect. It can be as simple as name, business industry, and email address. But, you can also dig a little deeper depending on your business niche. Let's say you own a cleaning business. One main piece of information you may need is how many times per week do they clean their house/business? What their favorite cleaning product? What is their biggest cleaning challenge? The object is to think outside the box and consider how you can use this information to send personalized special offers to your subscribers.

2. Provide valuable content to your subscribers. You don't want to send out offer after offer each week. You need to find a good balance of valued content (newsletters, blogs, business tips, etc.) and special offers. Finding this balance is the key to success. Once you find that balance, you'll then want to strategically plan out your content each month. You can schedule emails to go out once a week or once a month, it's up to you and your business model.

3. Keep an eye on your email list statistics. Follow the engagement metrics, click-to-open rates, and conversion rates. You will want to clean up your email list periodically by removing those who have not been active in the last three months. If you don't want to remove them, you can create a reactivation campaign to win them back with different content or a more relevant offer. Research what emails they opened and find a common theme to build a relevant offer for them.

Building an email list can seem very daunting, but once you sit down and come up with a plan, it can be fairly easy to execute. Having the help from a Virtual Assistant can also help expedite the process. Your VA can do the research, help you decide on an opt-in, create a plan, and help you implement it.

If you'd like to see how a Virtual Assistant can assist you with your business, visit by website at

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