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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips

Have you set your Social Media Marketing goals for 2019? If you're like me, it's probably still a work in progress. So, here are three tips to help you get started!

1. Focus on one platform - especially if you're just starting to learn your way around Social Media Marketing. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., choose the platform you're most comfortable with and use that as a starting point. You can then easily use the same material on other platforms since you'll have a different audience base on each platform.

2. Create a monthly content calendar with varying topics. How many times have you spent several hours trying to come up with material to post that day? Make sure you have a focused marketing strategy by taking a couple of hours once a week or month to plan out your posts for the week/month. Having a content calendar is a game changer when it comes to your day-to-day business tasks. It will save you time and ease your day-to-day stress!

Also, be sure to mix up your content! You want to post around 25% promotional content and 75% non-promotional content. You want to do your followers a service by sharing material related to your business, but you also want to post fun, engaging, and motivational material, as well.

3. Be consistent. This is probably the most important tip I can give anyone! It doesn't matter how relevant or important your material is, if you're not posting at least once per day, your audience will most likely not see your posts unless they go directly to your page. Algorithms on all social media platforms are always changing and making it more and more difficult to get an organic reach. But, posting consistently will help tremendously.

The easy button for Social Media Marketing is hiring someone else to do it for you. A VA with knowledge of Social Media Marketing can help save you time and money. Your time is money, so spend it doing tasks that will help grow your business!

If you're interested to see how a Virtual Assistant can help you save time by managing your social media, check out the services I provide at

Do you have any tips you would add to this list? Post them in the comments!

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