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Perfect Your Messaging by Identifying Your Target Audience + A Freebie!

Ugh...have you ever had one of these moments?

You're walking through your local grocery store and run into an old friend. You're chatting away like it was just yesterday since you last saw each other.

Then you tell a joke or story that you think is sooo funny....and they DON'T LAUGH!

You completely misread the moment or maybe the person.

This happens ALL THE TIME in online marketing.

If you don't know WHO your audience is and WHAT their pain points are, you CANNOT effectively market your SOLUTION to their problems!

When I started working with Online Marketing Strategy Clients, I realized this is the step most entrepreneurs SKIP, but yet it is THE MOST IMPORTANT step!

So, I created the Perfect Your Messaging by Identifying Your Target Audience Workbook! This Workbook is one of the first things I send to my new clients so we can identify WHO their target audience is, WHAT their pain points are and HOW they can solve those issues.

The Workbook is broken down into three sections:

1. Using Social Media Analytics to help you get started in identifying your target audience.

Did you know that you find out the gender, location and age of your followers using the insights feature on Facebook and Instagram? This is a great way to see who you are currently attracting with your online marketing efforts. This workbook tells you exactly where to find this information!

2. A Worksheet to hone in on all of the characteristics of your target audience.

This Worksheet takes you through the steps of identifying the characteristics of your target audience. You'll identify the age, location, interests and background of your target audience, as well as what their need or problem is. Lastly, you'll identify what service or product you have that can solve those needs/problems.

3. Writing your Target Audience Statement.

The last part of this Workbook is Writing Your Target Audience Statement. This is basically your "elevator pitch" and I give you the exact formula needed to write your Statement! You'll then be able to use this Statement in your Social Media bio's, your website and even in your email marketing.

Once you have all three of these pieces, you'll have a more clear picture of WHO you're talking to, WHAT their needs/problems are, and HOW you can solve them!

If you're ready to start Perfecting Your Messaging by Identifying Your Target Audience, sign up below to download your FREE WORKBOOK!

If you're ready to work with someone who can help give you clarity on your Online Marketing Strategy so you can finally ditch the overwhelm, schedule your FREE Virtual Coffee Chat today!

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