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Online Marketing & Pizza! Creating your strategy is as simple as creating your favorite pizza.

Have you ever been doing the most mundane task and then have something profound come to you?

That's what happened to me earlier this week. I was putting on my makeup while getting ready for the January, Eat, Learn, & Grow Lunch and Learn Session.

I was thinking about what my next blog post was going to be about. I knew I wanted to keep it focused on Social Media and/or Email Marketing Strategies, but I just didn't know what I wanted to talk about.

Then, out of nowhere, it hit me...Creating your online marketing strategy is as simple as creating your favorite pizza!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE pizza! We enjoy making our own pizzas at home and I always find it interesting that every member of my family likes to create their pizza their own way, personalized with the toppings and sauce they like.

I thought to myself, now that I have this idea of using pizza as an analogy for creating your online marketing strategies, what does that look like?

This is what I came up with:

Pizza Crust = Website or Landing Pages: Like the crust of a pizza, your website or landing pages are the base of your ENTIRE online marketing efforts. This is what your business is built on and where everything is kept...all of your service offerings, prices, and introducing you and your business to the world. Just like a good, sturdy pizza crust, your website or landing pages are the base of your online marketing strategy.

Toppings = Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a way you can actually PERSONALIZE your strategy and messaging for your audience. Just like personalizing your pizza with your favorite toppings, you can personalize your marketing efforts through emails to direct your audience to your website or to a landing page to sign up for your latest offer without having to please the dreaded social media algorithms! You are in control of what your audience sees and does!

Cheese = Social Media Marketing: Your social media marketing strategy is how you bring your email marketing and website together. Just like the cheese on a pizza makes everything come together, your social media marketing is what pulls your website and email marketing together. Social media posts direct your broader audience to take a deeper look into your business. Whether you're directing them to your latest blog post or service offering on your website, or directing them to sign up for your latest eBook or freebie download, your posts connect your audience with your website and get them to sign up for your email list.

Sauce = Your Strategy: Every pizza place has their own, unique signature sauce and every business owner has their own, unique Online Marketing Strategy! Because we typically are our own ideal client/customer, we use our unique talents and characteristics to market our business and connect with potential clients/customers. With that said, no two people will have the same target audience, even if they're in the same industry or selling the same products. So, like your favorite pizza place's signature sauce, use your unique talents and products/services to build your unique strategy!

Once you put all of these "ingredients" together, you now have a cohesive Online Marketing Strategy that utilizes your website, email list, and social media to make sure your target audience gets to know your business on a deeper, more personalized level!

Need some help creating your unique online marketing strategy? Check out the new Strategy Coaching Sessions on my website at While there, you can also book your FREE 30 minute Virtual Coffee Chat, where we can discuss the areas you're struggling with and how I could help!

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