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Little Gestures Make a BIG Impact!

I love to leave little treats and bottles of water in our mailbox for our mail lady. I'll never forget the smiles that these little gestures not only bring to her face, but also to my kids faces! You see, my kids love to help pick out the treats we're going to give her and get so excited to put them in the mailbox and wait patiently for her to come. I've had to make sure we put the treats out close to the time she delivers. I made the mistake once of putting them out in the morning and then my kids are sitting at the window all day, watching and waiting for her to come! Oh, how I love their little hearts!

A mail delivery person is just one of the many services that are taken for granted and is often a thankless job, unless you happen to meet them at the mailbox when they deliver.

What does someone do that you take for granted? (Trash pick up, delivery person, drive-thru person, waitress/waiter, newspaper delivery person, your kids/family member who does their chores without being asked, etc.) How can you appreciate them today? You'll never know how much of an impact a simple treat bag and bottle of water will make on someone. They may be having a bad day and that little gesture may be just the little "pick-me-up" they need to turn their day around!

Leave a comment and share how you have decided to show your appreciation for those whose services are taken for granted.

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