Learn my SIGNATURE 10-Step Process to set up HoneyBook!

Have you ever wondered how a HoneyBook Pro can set up an account so efficiently?

The secret is...

Having a signature process!

I'd assume this process looks a bit different for every HoneyBook Pro since we all have different implementation styles.

My signature design and set up process took about 2 years to perfect, but now I have a set up process that's easy to duplicate for each and every 1:1 client I work with, and TODAY, YOU'RE GETTING AN INSIDE PEEK OF MY SIGNATURE 10-STEP PROCESS!

During this HoneyBook Pro Tutorial YouTube video, I'm diving deep into each of the following 10 steps so you can start designing and setting up your system like a PRO, too.

Step 1: Branding Elements

Step 2: Business Processes & Client Journey

Step 3: Services/Packages & Pricing

Step 4: Lead Management Strategy

Step 5: Automation Mapping

Step 6: Identify Assets Needed

Step 7: Creating Your Assets

Step 8: Building Your Automation(s)

Step 9: Testing & Tweaking


Be sure to CLICK HERE to watch the video and get all the juicy details on each of the steps listed above!

If you have any questions about any of the steps above, share them in the comments.

If you'd like a more detailed breakdown of each of these steps, as well as worksheets and templates to help you implement each and every step, check out my Systems Simple Start Checklist + Guide in my Resource Library!

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