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How to Organize Your HoneyBook Pipeline for SUCCESS!

In this HoneyBook Pro Video Tutorial, I'm sharing the 2 mistakes most people are making when using the HoneyBook Pipeline feature, as well as ways to make sure you're using the Pipeline feature to its fullest capacity!

If you're not sure what the HoneyBook Pipeline is, you'll find it when you click on PROJECTS. It is the bar at the very top of your screen that shows the different stages of projects, as seen below.

When you first log into HoneyBook, you'll see the default Pipeline, but it can be customized to best suit your business so you can organize your projects even more!

During this Video Tutorial, I'm sharing more details about these 2 mistakes most HoneyBook users are making when it comes to their HoneyBook Pipeline:

  1. Not customizing your Pipeline! The pipeline feature helps you break down specific stages of your project timeline so you can track exactly where each project is at any specific time. When you don't customize your pipeline, you're constantly having to search for projects within HoneyBook to find out what step they're in.

  2. Over customizing your Pipeline! If you've customized your Pipeline, you know there are stages HoneyBook automatically moves projects to and stages you have to manually move projects to. If you've added stages for every single step of your project timeline, you're not doing yourself any favors since you're either constantly moving projects along the pipeline or you forget to move them and are still navigating as you would if you didn't customize it at all.

Ways to use the pipeline feature to its fullest capacity:

  • Only add stages where your projects will sit for longer than 3 days to avoid constantly moving them manually.

  • Add stages for your service offerings - I have a stage for VIP Experiences, Intensives, and Bootcamp Members so once the contract is signed and payment is received, I move them to their corresponding service stage.

  • Add stages where you need to make sure you follow-up or do a specific step of your project timeline. This could be for Kick-Off Calls, Offboarding, etc.

  • Only Archive projects in which you did not work together so you can do a quarterly assessment as to why projects did not book or follow through completion.

  • Move completed projects to the Completed Stage. By keeping completed projects separate from Archived projects, you're able to see an accurate account of all projects completed without having to sort through the archives!

I hope this HoneyBook Pro Video Tutorial has helped you learn a bit more on how to avoid making the TOP TWO MISTAKES most people make, as well as how to optimize your HoneyBook pipeline so you're using this feature to its fullest capacity!

Let me know which HoneyBook Pro Tip you found the most helpful and plan to implement right away in the comments.

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