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Get Your Business Summer Ready with HoneyBook!

It's time to get your business summer ready! Whether you're ready or not, summer is just around the corner and whether you have a relaxing summer or chaotic summer is completely up to YOU!

A lot of the deciding factors also depend on your goals for the summer. Your goals may include:

  • Pool or beach days with the family

  • Client projects

  • Vacation

  • Continue growing your business

  • and many more!

All of these CAN be a reality for you and your family, but there is some prep work that needs to happen behind the scenes to make it possible.

If you use HoneyBook, it can support and even help you GROW your business while you have FUN this summer and I'm going to share how in this blog post! (If you don't use HoneyBook or any other CRM, now may be the time to look into it! You can learn more about why I chose HoneyBook + a sweet 35% discount off your first year when you CLICK HERE.)

There are 4 quick and fairly easy steps to help you get your business SUMMER READY:

1) The FIRST STEP in getting your business summer ready with HoneyBook is to plan out the dates you want to be out of office!

Whether you want a shorter work week or want to take specific dates off throughout the summer, once you know WHEN you want to be out of office, we can then build a system to support the life you’re dreaming of.

💡 HONEYBOOK PRO TIP: Make sure your business calendar is synced with HoneyBook to allow for SMOOTH scheduling during the summer.

BONUS TIP: Sync your personal calendar to your business calendar. Then sync your business calendar to your HoneyBook system to end double booking once and for all.

WHAT TO DO: Write down the dates you want to be out of office for the summer and go ahead and mark yourself out of office on those dates in your business calendar that is synced with HoneyBook.

2) SECOND STEP: Now that you know how much time you want to take off over the summer, it’s time to evaluate your service offerings and decide if there are any services you DO NOT want to offer during the summer.

These may be services that take a lot of time or energy and would limit the freedom you’re seeking during the summer months.

For example, to support the lifestyle I want this summer, I am NOT offering VIP Experiences during the summer.

NOTE: This does not mean you can’t have conversations and book these projects for the fall, but you’re making a conscious effort to have more freedom this summer.

If you’re worried about the financial loss of not offering a specific service, you can create a WAITLIST for those interested in working with you in that capacity in the fall!

WHAT TO DO: Look at the services you offer and decide if there are any you DO NOT want to provide over the summer.

💡 HONEYBOOK PRO TIP: Create a Waitlist Stage in your HoneyBook Pipeline for the services you’re not booking during the summer months. If anyone reaches out during the summer for those services, you’ll move them to the WAITLIST Stage in your HoneyBook Pipeline.

BONUS TIP: Create a Waitlist Stage in HB so you can easily waitlist those interested in working with you in the fall.

FREE RESOURCE: In the YouTube Tutorial below, I share the 2 mistakes most people make with their Pipeline.

I also share a few tips on how to best use this UNDER APPRECIATED feature in HoneyBook to HYPER-ORGANIZE your business!

Check it out here:

3) THIRD STEP: Now that we know exactly how much time you want to take off this summer and we know what services we’re NOT going to offer to support that lifestyle, it’s now time to update your Contact Form and Smart Files.

You’ll want to remove any services you’re NOT providing from both or share your Waitlist option if you decide to go that route.

💡 HONEYBOOK PRO TIP: If you offer Discovery Calls or Consult Calls, make sure you’re utilizing the REDIRECT Feature in the Contact Form Settings!

With this feature, you can redirect clients to a specific URL (usually your scheduler session link) once they submit the Contact Form.

Also, you can now embed your scheduler within your Smart Files! Just click the + and choose Scheduler. Then you’ll select the session you want and HoneyBook will add it to your Smart File to make scheduling a breeze for your clients!


  1. Update your Contact Form: You’ll want to remove any services you’re not going to offer or add a note that you’re waitlisting that service.

  2. Update your Smart Files: Remove any services you’re NOT going to offer or update it with the Waitlist information.

4) FOURTH STEP: Now that we know exactly how much time you want to take off this summer and we know what services we’re NOT going to offer to support that lifestyle and have updated your Contact Form and Smart Files, it’s now time to REVIEW & UPDATE YOUR AUTOMATION(S)!

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your client journey and make any adjustments, as needed to ELEVATE your client experience and I advise all of my clients to do a quarterly audit and review of all of their automations throughout the year.

With the recent Automation updates, HoneyBook has made it even easier to create the most efficient client experience possible!

💡 HONEYBOOK PRO TIP: Evaluate your dream client experience. What do you want your clients to experience from the moment they first reach out to you via your Contact Form all the way through until you’re marking their project COMPLETED?

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget to also note TASKS you need to do to move a project through completion!


  • Write down your dream client experience from the moment they first reach out to you until you’re marking their project complete.

  • Write and create Email Templates in HoneyBook for any emails you’re missing from your new client experience.

  • Update your Automation accordingly.

Regardless of whether it’s a modified work schedule or you’re taking significant time off during the summer, this blog post is meant to help you prepare so you’re not flying by the seat of your pants all summer!

If you’re needing 1:1 support to help streamline your business even more, I’m here to help!

You can CLICK HERE to learn about the services I’m currently providing and to schedule a time to chat!

I also invite you to join my FREE Simplify & Streamline Facebook Community where I share helpful HoneyBook Pro Tips, Updates and Monthly Simplify in an Hour Sessions.

CLICK HERE to join the Simplify & Streamline Community!

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