Email List Building Series: Step 4 - Promoting Your Opt-In & Creating Your Email Marketing Strategy

This month I've been sharing tips on how to easily start building your email list by following these steps:

Step 1 - Create an Opt-in Step 2 - Choose an Email Marketing Platform Step 3 - Create a Sign-up Form

*If you missed any of these, head back to my blog to find them!

I left off last week with performing a test run and publishing your Opt-In Sign-Up Form. Once you've worked out any kinks in that process, you're ready for Step 4 - Promote your Opt-in and Create an Email Marketing Strategy!

You've worked so hard to get to this step and I know how scary it can be to release all of your hard work into the world wide web!

There's a sense of vulnerability that comes from sharing something you've spent hours creating. You ask yourself, "Is it good enough?" "Will people actually sign up for this?" "What if no one signs up?"

But, don't let fear keep you from stepping out in faith! Have confidence in what you are providing to the world, knowing that you have the solution to their problems; you have what they need to be successful.

When you're ready to release your virtual baby to the world, be sure you're introducing and promoting it in a way that makes it all about your audience by:

  • Explaining the problems they face and how your opt-in is the solution! Example: Life is complicated, but your Social Media strategy doesn't have to be! Uncomplicate your social media strategy with a done-for-you Social Media Content Calendar!

  • Explaining why they struggle and how your opt-in is going to make life so much easier for them!​ Example: Do you spend hours trying to come up with content each month? Take back that time and use it on more pressing business building tasks by subscribing to this done-for-you Social Media Content Calendar!

  • Explaining another pain-point your ideal client/customer faces and explain how your opt-in is going to help them. Example: Do you struggle to come up with new content? Do you forget holidays and fun National Days? Do you struggle with creating engagement building content? With this done-for-you Social Media Content Calendar, you're covered in all of these areas! It includes content prompts, holidays and national days with quotes, and engagement building content - all sent to your email each month in the form of a printable calendar.

  • Including a graphic with an example of what they can expect to receive with highlights of what it has to offer them as another reminder of why they can't live without this product/service. Example:

In Etsy's customer research, shoppers have told them that product photos are the most important factor in deciding to buy. So don't skip this step! People want to see what they're opting into and/or buying.​

  • Providing a Call to Action (CTA). Be sure to include the word FREE and again, highlight the main reason they need your opt-in. Also, ask your followers to share. Example: Save time and energy next month by giving this Social Media Content Calendar a try for FREE. Click the link below to get your done-for-you Content Calendar FREE today. Help your friends save time and energy by sharing this post so they can download theirs, too!

  • Last but not least, when you've perfected your introduction and attached a graphic, take a deep breath and hit SHARE to send it out to the world on all of your social media platforms and your website.

Now you can sit back, relax and see what happens. Depending on your social media following, you may get a lot of hits right away or it may take a while.

If it does take a while, don't give up hope! You may find that you need to tweak some of the wording in your introduction or on the sign-up form. But, don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Give it a month by promoting it at least once a week that first month and see what happens.

While you're waiting for the results of your hard work, you can now start building your Email Marketing Strategy! Creating an Email Marketing Strategy doesn't have to be complicated.

There are three simple steps to getting started and implementing your strategy:

  1. Decide how often you want to send emails.

  2. Decide on the theme of each month - Utilize blog posts and social media posts!

  3. Write and Schedule your Emails to go out on the schedule you decided in Step 1.

It's seriously THAT EASY!

Don't over-complicate it by recreating the the content you already have and if you're just starting, turn your Social Media Posts into a blog post that you can share once a month with your subscribers.

I hope this series of Email List Building Tips has been helpful this month. Be sure to go through the blog posts and save them if you'd like to be able to refer back to them!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information on how a Virtual Assistant can help you build your Email List, visit my website or feel free to email me at!

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