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Digital Marketing - Where Do I Start?!

I ran a poll in my Instagram stories last week asking my followers what they struggle with the most when creating engaging content and an overall effective digital marketing strategy. The most popular answer was, "I don't know where to start!"

If you're anything like me, you've downloaded ALL the freebies, attended ALL the free Online Challenges and you still don't know where to start.

If that sounds like you, it's time to take a deep breath, relax, and focus on these 3 things: 1. Take some time to step away and really evaluate the direction your business is going.

Is it going the direction you've always dreamed of it going, or are you just riding the current wave of where you think your business should be going based on what everyone else is doing? 2. If it's not headed in the direction you've always dreamed, now is the perfect time to evaluate and write down your TOP TWO GOALS for the next 30 days. I know, I know...your mind is spinning with ideas, but narrow them down to the two MOST IMPORTANT goals you want to achieve in the next 30 days. Having that focus is the key to developing your Digital Marketing Strategy! These goals could be: - Growing your email list - Getting more views on your blog - Increasing sales of a specific product/service Narrowing down your top two goals will help you create a more effective Digital Marketing Strategy for the next 30 days!

3. Decide which platforms you're going to focus on.

Just because you have a profile on ALL THE PLATFORMS does not mean they're all working for you!

So, choose the platforms you're going to focus your marketing attention on over the next 30 days.These platforms should be the ones you get the most engagement on and that you generally enjoy being on the most.

If you don't enjoy being on the platform, you're not going to enjoy working on it. The whole point of having your own business is to do what you ENJOY doing, right?! So, why spend time marketing on a platform you don't enjoy being on?

These platforms could be:

- Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

- Email Marketing

- Blog

- YouTube

I'll be sharing more tips on creating a cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy over the next few weeks, so be sure to stay tuned!

If you're ready to get laser focused on your Digital Marketing Strategy, let me know! This is my area of expertise and would love to help you gain some clarity as you start moving forward.

You can book a FREE 30 Minute Virtual Coffee Chat online and receive a FREE Digital Marketing Audit. You'll also receive one actionable item you can do right away to help get you started! P.S. My VIP Email List always receives these tips before they're released anywhere else, so be sure you're always the first to know by joining my list!

I have several FREEBIES you can download to meet your business needs while also subscribing to my list.

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