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Digital Marketing - Streamlining Your Strategy: 3 Steps to Create a Cohesive Strategy

If you have kids at home, then you can probably relate to wearing multiple hats at one time...even more if you're a business owner. One minute your mom, next you're the teacher, then you have to step into the role of a counselor, cook, taxi driver, referee...and that's just managing the kids! Thankfully, managing the multiple digital marketing "hats" can be A LOT easier than the hats of motherhood and it all starts with a PLAN!

Right now, you're probably blogging about this, sending emails about that, and then posting about you-know-what on social media.

Instead, you need to streamline by keeping a consistent theme across all of your digital marketing platforms. You can do this by planning ahead and doing these 3 things: 1. Set 2 goals each month - I covered this more in-depth in a previous blog post, "Digital Marketing: Where Do I Start?!" so check it out for more details!

2. Create a theme based around these two goals - Stop wasting time and being completely overwhelmed with trying to create different content for each platform, which is ultimately getting you nowhere! If you want to promote a service or product that month, create a theme based around it and share tips/tricks or how-to posts/videos that can shared on each platform.

You could also share information regarding the transformation your clients/customers have when they use your products/services.

(Check out the FREE 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy Guide for more inspiration on creating monthly themes and how to implement them!)

3. Plan ahead! Try to plan out a months worth of content on each platform, even if it's just writing down the topic ideas. You'll be surprised how quickly you can do this once you get the ball rolling! (Using Trello makes this soooo easy!) Before you get overwhelmed at the thought of this, REMEMBER: You DO NOT have to post on social media every day, write a blog post every week, or send an email to your list every week...but you DO have to be consistent. So, choose a routine that works for you so you can be consistent! Doing these 3 things will streamline ALL of your digital marketing, making sure it is cohesive and working together to save you time while also reach your goals each month. And, when everything is working together, you don't have to waste time, wracking your brain trying to come up with content for each and every platform.

If you're still wondering how all of this can work for your service based or coaching business, let me know.

This is my area of expertise and I'd love to chat with you about it over a cup of coffee!

Schedule your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Coffee Chat where we'll chat about what you're struggling with and I'll share a couple of ways you can streamline your digital marketing strategy right away!

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