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An insider look at an Online Marketing Strategy Session with a Strategy Coach - Repurposing Content

Have you ever wanted an insider look at how a typical Online Marketing Strategy Session with a Strategy Coach works?

There are many aspects of working with a Strategy Coach, but one part of our Strategy Session would include using repurposed content. There has been a lot of buzz on social media regarding repurposed content...but, what exactly does that mean and how do you do it?

It basically means taking the meat of your content and breaking it down into bite sized nuggets you can share on all of the different platforms you're using.

Today, I'm going to give you an inside look at a typical Online Marketing Strategy Session I would have with someone who has a YouTube Tutorial they want to promote.

Your first thought is, that's easy! Just share it in a link across social media and hope for the best, right?

But what about your Blog?

What about your email list?

What about gaining new views/followers across the board?

This is where repurposing that content comes into play as a main ingredient for your Online Marketing Pizza!

(If you don't get the pizza reference, be sure to CLICK HERE to check out the Blog Post about Online Marketing & Pizza!)

To repurpose and promote your YouTube Tutorial across all of your online marketing platforms, you'll need to do 5 things:

1. Write a blog post introducing the tutorial and explaining why they can't wait one more minute to watch it. Then, embed the YouTube Tutorial, or link to it in the post.

2. Send this Blog Post out to your email list first! Remember to treat your email list like VIP's - they get the goods before anyone else. Give a brief introduction and then link to the blog post in the email.

3. Add the Blog Post to the links page on your website for Instagram - you do have this on your website right?? (If you're still using LinkTree or another website/app for your IG Links, go back and check out my post from LAST YEAR about why you need to STOP using those!!)

4. Write a post on Instagram introducing your YouTube Tutorial and tell your followers to click the link in your bio to check out the Blog Post.

Write a post on Facebook the same way, but include the link to your Blog in the post. Same for LinkedIn and any other social platform you use.

Also, be sure to add a P.S. at the end of your post inviting them to join your email list so they'll be the first to receive the next tutorial/video!

5. You'll want to spread out these steps throughout the month so you're sharing the one piece of content across all of your platforms all month long. DO NOT launch it all in one day...that defeats the whole purpose of repurposing the content to give you more material to work with throughout the month!

Why not skip all of this and just add the YouTube Link to your IG Links page and post about it on IG and Facebook?

I'm glad you asked!

By taking all of these steps, you have now reached:

• Your blog followers

• Your email list

• Your YouTube followers

• AND your social media followers

This one piece of content has now been repurposed and shared at least 4 ways throughout the month if you're only using IG...more if you'll share it on other platforms.

You've also gained clicks on your website, your YouTube Channel, clicks and followers on your Blog, and hopefully will have gained some new email list subscribers, too!

That's how easy it is to take one piece of content and effectively reach at least 4 different audiences, as well as increase click rates and gain followers all across your platforms.

And, that's how one of our Online Marketing Strategy Sessions would go down.

You tell me what you want to promote or what your goal is for that month and then we build out a strategy to reach every aspect of your Online Marketing with a few pieces of content.

If you're ready to work with someone who can help give you clarity so you can finally ditch the overwhelm, schedule your FREE Virtual Coffee Chat today!

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