All About the Hashtags!

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with hashtags.

You love them because they help grow your reach, which also means growing your following, but you hate them because it takes SO MUCH TIME to figure out which ones to use and when!

Hashtags are a necessary part of Instagram and I have the recipe to help curate the perfect Hashtag Library for your business!

With this recipe, you can create a collection of Hashtags that you can store in your Notes App (or in Trello, like me!) so they're always just a click (or tap) away to be copied/pasted into your Instagram post, or comments.

But first, let's break down WHY you need to use Hashtags!

1. They allow your posts to be more discoverable.

2. They help you market directly to your ideal client/customer.

3. They help you promote specific products/services.

Now that you know WHY you need to use Hashtags, it's time to figure out HOW to use Hashtags!

As you may already know, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. That means you have 30 additional ways to reach a broader audience!


True or False: The larger the number of posts a Hashtag has, the better!

The answer is FALSE! The larger the number of posts a hashtag has, the less likely your post is ever going to be seen in a search!

If 1 million+ posts have been tagged with a specific hashtag, that means your post is now 1 in 1 million. Sure, some hashtags are just fun to use, and it's ok to use a couple per post, but try to keep it at 1-2 hashtags per post that have over 1 million posts.

My rule of thumb is to use hashtags that have under 500,000 posts. The smaller the collection, the more likely you'll be discovered!

A great way to use Hashtags is to categorize them, so you can then easily break them down into groups of hashtags you want to use each day.