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7 Essential Email Design Elements: SIZE MATTERS! Using Fonts & Text to Grab Your Readers Attention

Does your Email Design catch your readers attention?

The past two weeks we've covered how to create eye-catching subject lines and enticing preview text, as well as how to create Brand Recognition with logos, colors and images.

If you missed them, head back to my blog to find them!

There are a few steps you NEED to take to grab their attention even further once they open your email:

  1. Use Branded Fonts! If you don't already have a font you consistently use for your branded communications, you NEED to choose a few! In regards to Email Communications, be sure to use "Web Safe Fonts" such as, Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica and Courier. These fonts are available on almost all devices, which is why they're called web safe fonts. Choose a specific font you will use for all of your Headings. You want this font to be bold and attention grabbing. Helvetica is a great font to use for your headers and attention-grabbing text, but not a good font for the body of your email. Choose a specific font for the body of your emails. This font should be easy to read and match your brand and style. Do you prefer Serif or San Serif fonts, for example. Choose a font that you enjoy seeing, but still provides a professional appearance. You can also use the font you choose for the body of your emails for your Sub-Headings. Simply bold and/or italicize them for added attention grabbing detail.

  2. Size Matters! When designing the heading and body of your email, text size matters! Headings should be at least 22 pt font that are also colored to match your brand colors (as we discussed last week). The body of your email should be at least 14 pt font. Use bold text to make specific text stand out. Also, use bullet points to break down the text.

  3. Include a Call-to-Action! You need to tell your readers what they should do next. Maybe it's visiting a specific page on your website or downloading a freebie you're offering. Whatever it is, TELL them what you expect them to do. Include 3-4 sentences about why they should act on your call-to-action. Why do they need YOUR product or service? What pain points are you solving for them? Make it all about them and how it will make their life easier. Use a button to make your call-to-action stand out and easy to click. Instead of just pasting the URL of your call-to-action, use a button instead! Not only does it look better, but it also catches their attention.

That's it for this weeks Tip!

Next week I'll be wrapping up this series by explaining how to design the perfect footer and have confidence when you hit SEND on your next email!

Check off each of the 7 Essential Email Design Elements by clicking the image above to get your FREE Email Design Checklist today!

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