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7 Essential Email Design Elements: Eye-Catching Subject Lines & Enticing Preview Text

How confident are you in the design of your email marketing?

Every email you send should be perfectly designed to drive awareness and sales for your business.

Over the next several blog posts, I'll be sharing with you tips to help you set up and design email templates that match your brand, communicates your message and drives action for your business.

Today, I'll be sharing tips to create eye-catching subject lines and enticing preview text to start increasing your open rates!

In this blog post we're going to focus on your Email Header and how you can use it to grab your viewers attention. This section of your email is just like the return address on a letter you would mail. Although it's not something you typically think of as a design element, it is the FIRST thing your reader sees in their inbox.

  1. The first aspect of your Header is the "From Name." You want this to be a recognizable name, whether you decide that's your company name or a personalized contact name (think personal branding business), you want your readers to be able to easily identify and associate with your business.

  2. The second aspect is your Subject Line. You want this to be eye-catching and help the reader decide whether they want to read it or not. With 50% of all emails being opened on a phone or tablet, you want to keep your subject line to 4-7 words to make the most of the space allowed on the mobile inbox. Use this space wisely and effectively by getting creative! Think entertaining, witty, unique, and short & sweet. You want to catch their attention, but also provide a bit of insight into what they're receiving.

  3. The third aspect is your Preview Text. This acts as a second subject line on a mobile device. You can use this to further entice your contacts to open your email. Make the most of this space by using 5-8 words maximum.

That's it for this weeks, Blog Post! Next week, I'll cover Logos, Colors and Images and how best to use them in your Email Marketing Design.

Be sure to grab your FREE Email Design Checklist and start increasing your open rates with perfectly designed emails!

If you are looking to outsource your Email Marketing, be sure to visit my website or send me an email at to see how we can work together to offload some of those tasks from your to-do list!

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