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7 Essential Email Design Elements: Create Brand Recognition with Logos, Colors, & Images

Does your email audience recognize your business in their inbox?

In the last blog post, we discussed how to create eye-catching subject lines and enticing preview text to start increasing your open rates. (If you missed it, head back to my blog to read it first!)

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Now, it's time to focus on building your Brand Recognition within your email design!

The two Design Elements that stand out the most when someone opens your email is your LOGO & COLOR SCHEME. You want your messages to look good when they land in their inbox. When your emails look good, your business looks good too!

Use these two design elements CONSISTENTLY to build Brand Recognition so your audience will begin to recognize your emails in their inbox & will be more likely to open them each time.

To do this, you will want to:

  1. ADD YOUR LOGO. Your logo should be at the top of every email you send so it's one of the first things people see when they open it. Also, add your logo to your email signature to carry your Brand Recognition throughout your email.

  2. CUSTOMIZE YOUR COLOR SCHEME. You don't want to guess which colors to use that match your brand. Use the exact colors in your logo or any other branded colors you use for marketing. You can customize your color scheme by entering the exact color codes for your branded colors in your Email Marketing Platform.

  3. USE IMAGES THAT SUPPORT THE MAIN PURPOSE OF YOUR EMAIL MESSAGE. Your email should include an eye-catching image that pulls your reader in and catches their attention. Using images also builds the "Like, Know, and Trust" factor for your business.

BONUS TIP: Create a Template for all of your emails to guarantee a consistent look and feel with each email you send.

That's it for this weeks Blog Tips! Next week, I'll cover the best way to use Fonts and Text in your Email Marketing Design.

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