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4 Reasons I Decided NOT to Use Linktree in My Instagram Bio & why you should reconsider using it too

A few weeks ago, I decided to jump on the Linktree bandwagon. I went to their website, created an account and started designing my landing page. But, while I was designing my Linktree landing page, I was really disappointed with how limited the free version was! I wasn't able to customize the background color to my branded colors and the pre-designed backgrounds didn't match my brand at all, either. I saw that I could upgrade and have more options, but I wasn't sure I was ready to spend money on this service quite yet.

As you probably know, Instagram only allows one link in your bio and you probably have several links that you want to share. You have a blog post you want to highlight, so you have to change the URL for a couple of days to direct your followers to your blog site. Then, you want to advertise your latest opt-in for your email list, so you go and change it again. It's a never ending cycle. Linktree makes this so much easier by using their site to create a landing page for all of your links. But, there is a much easier, more simple solution to this problem.

Don't get me wrong, Linktree is a brilliant business idea! But, when I started thinking outside of the Linktree box, I found four BIG reasons to reconsider using their services.

4 reasons why I reconsidered using Linktree

1. Linktree crashed in mid-2018 and it caused pandemonium all across Instagram! Everyone who was using Linktree had no way to recover the links that their posts directed their followers to until the service came back online. Who is to say that will never happen again? I am too much of a control freak to put all of that in the hands of a third party service!

2. Instagram could decide to no longer allow the Linktree service to be used. Facebook continues to limited the use of more and more third party services every day and Instagram could follow suit. Take a minute to think about what would happen to your business if you could no longer use Linktree!

3. It's one step further from your website. Instead of directing traffic to your website (which is the main reason for the link in your bio), you're directing them one step (or click) away and losing website traffic. Why give a third party service your traffic?

4. It's not on brand. If you use the free Linktree service, you have very few color choices. So you're forced to stray from your branding. And, why pay for the ability to brand when you can do it for free?

So, if I shouldn't use Linktree, what should I use?

The answer is: YOUR WEBSITE!

Why would you want to direct your followers to a third party service website when you can direct them straight to a page on your website? If you track your website traffic, then you know how important every page view is!

How do you do this? By following these 4 quick and easy steps:

1. Create a hidden page on your website. Simply title the new page "Links" or "Learn More" or anything else that fits your unique audience. Remember to keep it short since it is going on your Instagram bio.

2. Add your profile image and Instagram handle to the top of the page. You can mimic the look of your Linktree landing page by adding your Instagram profile image and handle to your new page. You can also get a bit more creative since you're not limited to the capabilities of Linktree. Remember to preview your design in Mobile View so you can see what your followers will see when they follow the link.

3. Add all of your links. You can design fun, branded buttons for your links and you can also customize your background image. Get creative and have fun with it!

4. Publish and update the link in your bio. Your new link will direct your followers to your website, will be branded, and you'll never have to worry that the service will crash or that Instagram will limit the use of the service!

Want to see my new bio link landing page? Click Here to visit my Instagram page and follow the link in my bio at

Now, go share how easy it was to create a fun, custom link landing page on your website!

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