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4 Emails You Can Send to Your Email List Right Now!

With all of us facing so much uncertainty and regulations changing every day, it's hard to know what to do to keep our businesses going...let alone what to send to your email list!

Communicating with our audience on EVERY online marketing platform possible is your best strategy right now.

Below are FOUR different email's you can send to your email list over the next month:

1. Send updates on hours of operation and services available. Be sure to provide all of the necessary information to purchase your products/services.

Also, take this time to encourage them to leave a review to show their support! This is a way they can support your business for FREE.

2. Share the GOOD things that are happening in your community and/or business. We're all STARVING for good news stories, SO SHARE THEM! Even the smallest of things can bring a smile to your audience.

You can also share a way they can continue spreading the good news by gifting one of your products/services to a friend or family member or purchasing a gift certificate.

3. Provide Value! It could be a discount only available to your email list, a recipe of one of your dishes, a "How To" guide to help them, or a blog post you've written.

4. Show off your website! Have you added new features to your website to accommodate your customers? Is there an existing feature you want to make sure they know about? Highlight these features and remind them of how they can connect with you to make a purchase...or to purchase for a friend/family member.

Try to send out one email a week and don't overthink it! Use content you've posted on social media or blog posts as ideas for emails.

Need help coming up with an Email Marketing Strategy? Schedule a FREE Virtual Coffee Chat to see if we would be a good fit for monthly Strategy Calls!

There are several options to work together and I'm here to help you find the option that works best for you AND your budget!

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