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4 Design Aspects Every Brochure Needs!

Unpopular opinion regarding the HoneyBook Brochure...It doesn't have to be beautifully perfect to serve it's purpose. 💁🏻‍♀️

Simple, yet functional, will work every time!

In this Sweetly Simplified YouTube Tutorial, I'm taking you behind the scenes in HoneyBook to show you how to implement my Signature Brochure Framework!

NOTE: This framework WILL WORK for any CRM, as well as custom Pricing Guide designs in Canva!

During this HoneyBook Pro Tutorial, I'm sharing the 4 main aspects of your Brochure or Pricing Guide you DO NOT want to leave out, as well as showing you exactly how to build out this Signature Brochure Framework in HoneyBook.

Don't miss these 4 aspects to help you design your Brochure or Pricing Guide with this Framework today:

1. Simple intro that identifies your clients biggest pain point, how you can help, and why you're the best option.

Keep this short and long, scrolling sales page copy here!

2. Packages and Pricing that are easy to understand, communicates what's included, and clear pricing structure.

Also, list them from greatest investment to least. 😉

3. "About Me" section that introduces you as a person and authority in your area of expertise, as well as where they can connect with you online.

Bring your personality to the brochure, but really let it shine in this section!

4. Next Steps - DO NOT MISS THIS PART - it's the most overlooked aspect! Letting your clients know what they can expect to happen when they submit the brochure will reassure your clients they've made the right choice AND prevent emails asking "What do I do next?"

Whether it's watching for their proposal, contract and invoice or scheduling a call, your client will breathe a sigh of relief knowing they know what's going to happen next in the process.

Want to see how it's designed in HoneyBook? Be sure to check out the Sweetly Simplified YouTube Tutorial linked below!

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