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4+4+4 Social Media Strategy - Step 4: Create Value-Added Posts

The final step of the 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy is, Step 4: Creating 4 Value-Added Posts. This is where you will share FREE information: tips/tricks, insights into your industry, and promote your services/products.

This Strategy is based on posting 3 days each week. A Successful Social Media Strategy is all about QUALITY not QUANTITY, so making sure you have a QUALITY Strategy is the key to your Social Media Success!

Posting relevant, compelling content that adds value to your followers time on social media is what pulls them in and keeps your loyal followers coming back!

Share this information in a unique, attention grabbing way:

  • Create a photo carousel breaking down the information into individual graphics.

  • Further explain your value-added information in your stories.

  • Go live and share more in-depth details about your services or products.

It's very important to take this time to promote your services/products in a way that makes it all about your target audience and not yourself or your business.

  • Point out the pain points/problems your target audience faces and how this service/product is going to solve those issues for them.

  • Breakdown the benefits your target audience will receive from using your tips/tricks or services/products.

  • Share testimonials.

Build your "Like, Know & Trust" factor by offering FREE Resources. It could be a download to help them with a problem in your industry or a Guide that shows how to do a specific task.

If you're ready to kick start your Social Media Strategy, click here to download your FREE 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy Guide! You'll also receive a FREE National Monthly Theme Guide when you sign up.

Do you know someone who could use some help with their Social Media Strategy? Share this post with them!

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