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4+4+4 Social Media Strategy - Step 2: Choose 4 Quotes that Relate to Your Theme

Draw your target audience in with Quotes!

In the last blog post, we discussed Step 1 - Choose a Theme for the Month. This is the essential step to laying the foundation for your Social Media Strategy!

Today we're covering Step 2 of the 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy - Choose 4 Quotes That Relate to Your Theme.

With a quick Google search, you'll have a lot of quotes to choose from.

  • Find quotes that resonate with your target audience. Spend time reading through them to find 4 quotes that relate to your theme AND that resonate with your target audience.

  • Have fun with them! You don't have to keep it serious all the time, so throw in at least one funny meme or quote that fits your theme and target audience.

  • Now it's time to create the social media graphic for each one. You want your graphic to be eye catching so your target audience will "stop the scroll" and read your post! If you're wanting them to click the link in your bio or take any other action, be sure to include it on your graphic, as well.

  • The main goal of every post is ENGAGEMENT! The number of likes and followers mean NOTHING without Engagement! So, end your caption with a question or something else to encourage engagement. For example: Ask them to tag someone who needs to read this quote today. Ask a question related to the quote. Ask them to share this post in their stories to encourage others.

Next Tuesday, we'll be discussing Step 3 - Choose 4 Engagement Building Questions.

Do you know someone who could use some help with their Social Media Strategy? Send them the link to this post!

Kick start your Social Media Strategy by clicking here to download your FREE 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy Guide! You'll also receive the FREE National Monthly Theme Guide when you sign up!

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