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4+4+4 Social Media Strategy - Step 1: Choose a Theme for the Month

Do you struggle with creating your social media strategy each month?

Most of the clients I work with came to me because they had a difficult time creating their social media strategy, so I developed the 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy and will be sharing it with you this month right here on my blog!

I'll break down each of the steps of this successful strategy that I use for all of my Social Media clients.

With this Strategy, you can develop your Social Media Strategy in half the time, so you have more time to the tackle the more pressing tasks of your business or have more time for fun!

Today, we'll cover the First Step - Choose a Theme for the Month.

Choosing a theme for each month gives you the focus you need for the rest of your 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy. Maybe you're wanting to promote a new product or service, or want to offer a free training (similar to what I'm doing this month!), or you can use a National Month Theme (August is National Back to School Month). Whatever you choose to do, stick to this theme during the month when planning the rest of your Strategy!

Want your FREE 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy Guide?

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You'll also receive the National Monthly Theme Guide for FREE!

So, what are you waiting for? Download your FREE 4+4+4 Social Media Strategy Guide today and have fun planning next months Social Media Strategy!

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