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3 Ways to Know You're Ready to Implement a CRM

CRM's (Client Relationship Management Systems) are the HOT TOPIC right now and there are SO MANY to choose from. But, they aren't really new, so to speak...corporations have been using them for years, but with the boom of new entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, we're finding more and more CRM's that help make life just a bit easier to manage our businesses.

Before you start digging in to researching CRM's to find the perfect one for you and your business, you'll want to evaluate whether you're actually ready to implement a CRM.

You might be ready to implement a CRM, like HoneyBook if...

1. You have a manual process in place that works, but takes too much time.

Google Docs, DocuSign/HelloSign, PayPal/Venmo, and Calendly can only take you so far before you start feeling overwhelmed and burned out from trying to manage ALL THE THINGS.

If you DON'T have a manual process in place, you'll definitely want to map out your processes BEFORE looking for a CRM. You need to know what you need a CRM to do for you and if you don't have processes in place, you'll have NO IDEA what you ACTUALLY need.

You don't want a platform to decide what you need for you, which is why I love HoneyBook. It gives you the flexibility of building a platform that supports your business rather than the other way around.

2. You're starting to book out your services more consistently and want to scale with ease.

Once you start consistently booking out your services, those manual processes mentioned above start becoming VERY time consuming! By managing everything in ONE PLACE, you're able to focus your time on income generating tasks, or if you're like'll have time to NAP!

If your next goal is to scale your business, having a CRM like HoneyBook in place will make it so much easier!

3. You want more free time without falling behind.

We're programed to think TIME = MONEY...the MORE TIME we spend doing all the things, the MORE MONEY we're going to make.

This isn't necessarily the case when it comes to solopreneurship! We started our business to have more TIME FREEDOM and when you implement a CRM, like HoneyBook, you can finally have it!

With HoneyBook you can onboard new clients with ease and set up automations so things can happen without you manually having to do it.

I've recently held two workshops that have helped 50+ entrepreneurs grow their business with HoneyBook and the recordings are now available!

The Onboarding with Ease Workshop covers every aspect of the onboarding process so you can ensure you're clients feel more confident they've made the right choice in hiring you while also making it a streamlined experience for both them AND you! There are also 3 Templates included with your purchase.

The Workflows: Sweetly Simplified Workshop covers all of the steps needed to build your DREAM workflow in HoneyBook.

As a HoneyBook Pro and the Queen Bee, I'll take you step-by-step to make sure you lay a firm foundation to build your workflow!

If you're interested in either of these, you can check them out by CLICKING HERE!

Can HoneyBook help you?

Curious as to how HoneyBook can help you simplify and streamline your business within ONE PLATFORM?

CLICK HERE to check out how HoneyBook can help you and to snag 50% off your first year!

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