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3 Ways to Focus on Serving Your Clients and Customers on Social Media

Today's blog post is all about focusing on SERVICE instead of SALES! When planning and writing your Social Media Content, you need to remember you're talking to people just like yourself. People want to do business with people they like and trust. When you focus on how you can SERVE your clients or customers, you build that like and trust factor!

There are 3 ways to focus your Social Media Content around SERVING your clients or customers:

1. Your content must address your clients or customers wants or needs. Put yourself in your clients/customers shoes and think about what SERVICE you can provide to meet their wants or needs. Write down those ideas and work them into your Social Media Content Calendar at least once a week. Give away a freebie download (and build your email list at the same time), or write a "How To" blog post that meets a need your audience has. For example, my clients want to learn tips and tricks to have a successful, engaging social media following. So, I post "Tip Tuesday's" each week that offers tips and tricks that are easy to implement.

2. Focus on solving a problem. What problems does your audience face in regards to their life or business? How can you solve those problems? By providing a FREE Solution, you build that like and trust factor! You can easily do this by providing a free service or download that solves a problem they have. For example, my clients need more time to focus on the important aspects of their business. So, I have designed a Social Media Content Calendar Subscription Service to help them check that item off their to-do list, giving them more time to focus on other things!

3. Focus on results. While planning and writing your content, you need to remove yourself from the equation - if your posts are filled with "I, My, or Me," you need to change it around to a more audience focused perspective and share the results they will receive from your services or products. Ask questions about a need or problem your service or product can solve. For example, "Do you struggle each month with coming up with what to post on your social media? Do you dread coming up with new content ideas every day? Would you like to not have to worry about that anymore? If so, maybe it's time to look into a Social Media Content Calendar Subscription Service! Click the link in my bio for more information!"

It's so easy to switch your focus to how you can meet their needs, solve the problems they face, and share the results your clients and customers will get by using your products or services! It's a simple mindset change from "How can my clients/customers help my business grow?" to "How can I serve my clients/customers."

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