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10 Reasons I Chose HoneyBook over all the other CRM Platforms!

This summer I was looking for an EASY and organized way to manage my onboarding process - accept payments, sign contracts, organize my calendar, track bookkeeping, etc.

While onboarding a new client, I realized I was using 7 (yes, SEVEN!) different apps/platforms to get through their onboarding process! 😳

I was tired of spending hours, messing around on all of these apps/platforms. My dream was to have everything to happen in ONE place.

I was also right in the middle of scaling my business and was excited to share a new strategy-based offer…Needless to say, I needed a CRM that was extra versatile and user-friendly.

And if you know me, you know I am THOROUGH! I researched ALL THE OPTIONS and tried out ALL THE FREE TRIALS. And there was a clear winner...


Have you heard of this Client Relationship Management (CRM) system?

It’s second to none, in my opinion, and I'm going to share 10 reasons I chose HoneyBook over ALL the other CRM's out there!

1. Professional, easy to use design - From the initial contact form, to the custom brochures, proposals, contracts, invoices and Client Portal, everything is easy to use and looks professional!

2. The Client Portal - Never search through your inbox again to find out what and when you last emailed your client. With the private Client Portal, you and your clients can easily communicate, upload files and stay on top of Invoices, as well!

3. Workflow and Tasks - Never have tasks or emails fall through the cracks again! With the HoneyBook Workflows, you can breakdown your entire client journey from the initial contact form all the way to the final follow-up email. Your custom workflow can include brochures, questionnaires, proposals, contracts, invoices, reminder tasks, and of course, all of your canned emails.

4. Email Templates - Write all of your emails once, and be done! In your workflow, you can set them up to send out automatically, or ask for your approval before sending so you can add a personal touch to the email before sending. Imagine never having to remember every little email you need to send your clients again!

5. Brochures and Questionnaires - Create beautifully branded and professional brochures and questionnaires. No more generic Google Docs, Google Forms or Canva templates! The best part about the Brochures is that you plug in your projects and once your client submits the brochure, HoneyBook creates their Custom Proposal, Contract and Invoice, all ready for you to approve and send from their Client Portal!

6. Simple Proposals, Contracts and Invoicing - Create your custom templates and HoneyBook does the rest! When a client submits a brochure, their information is then transferred into their custom proposal, contract and invoice, so all you have to do is review and hit send!

7. Sleek and Professional Contact Forms - Create custom contact forms for your business! You can collect as much data upfront as you want and then HoneyBook will send out the appropriate Brochure based on the Workflow it's attached to. Never drop the ball on a potential client again!

8. Mobile App - Need to follow up with a client or upload a file while away from your computer? That's no longer an issue with their NEW HoneyBook App!

9. Scheduler - The new online scheduler allows you to create in-person, phone, or virtual meetings! If you have a dedicated video conferencing link, you simply attach it to the appointment type and HoneyBook will do the rest. It also integrates seamlessly with Calendly!

10. Their customer service and constant improvements to make the platform perfect for their clients! I've used the chat help feature several times and always receive a response within 24 hours max! If it's during their working hours, I typically get a response within 30 minutes. Plus, their Help Center is phenomenal! Simply search for what you're needing help with and there is most likely a video to walk you through the process.

Since implementing HoneyBook, these are the things I have fully automated now:

✔ Contact Forms

✔ Packages

✔ Proposals

✔ Contracts

✔ Invoicing (even recurring invoicing 🙌)

✔ Project Check-ins/Emails

✔ Task reminders (nothing falls through the cracks now!)

✔ Offboarding Survey

Everything in HoneyBook is customizable to match my brand and voice. And my clients get a high-touch, professional experience, and I don't have to spend hours going between 7 different apps/platforms, like before.

In fact, I fell SO hard for HoneyBook, I now offer custom set-ups for small business owners needing help automating the administrative tasks in their businesses.

Sweetly Simplified with HoneyBook - Custom CRM Set-Up Service

If you've been searching for a CRM that does it all for your small business, SEARCH NO MORE! HoneyBook is there waiting to help you take back your time and scale your business.

And, if the thought of setting it up is a bit daunting, let's chat! I have several options to fit just about every budget and need. Just CLICK HERE to get the ball rolling.

Bonus: You can get 50% off your first year with HoneyBook when you CLICK HERE!

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