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It's time to get all of those processes out of your head and into ACTION so you can get back to enjoying the life God has blessed you with!

Does this sound like you?

You know the next step in growing and scaling your business is streamlining your processes with a CRM, but you don't know where to begin.

You want to incorporate your faith into your business, but you're not really sure where it fits when it comes to your client experience.

Maybe you've tried setting up a CRM on your own, but you end up more frustrated and overwhelmed by all the options and not knowing what all you need to get started.

Regardless of where you are in your journey as a solopreneur, I'm here to lend a helping hand to meet you right where you are to simplify and streamline your business so that you can have more time, energy, and mental clarity to enjoy the life God has blessed you with!

The Sweetly Simplified Services are for you if...

Service Options:


HoneyBook Strategy + Custom Roadmap

Looking for a quick way to know EXACTLY how to book and manage your clients with ease in HoneyBook?


Know exactly where to start and how all the features within HoneyBook can work together to support your individual business with this Mini VIP Day!

Perfect for Entrepreneurs who...

  • Already have an established business and an understanding of their clientflow process, but not sure how to incorporate that into HoneyBook.

  • Have an understanding of how HoneyBook works, but not sure how best to utilize the features.

  • Ready to take action to streamline their HoneyBook system, once and for all with the help of a HoneyBook Pro.

Your HoneyBook Strategy Mini VIP Day Includes:

  • 3-hour, 1:1 Zoom session.

  • Combination of done-with-you and consulting to help you strategically build out your HoneyBook system with the insight, best practice strategies.

  • Custom Roadmap so you can easily implement all we discussed.

  • 2 Weeks of Voxer Support after your Roadmap is delivered

Here's what's in your Custom Roadmap:

  • Recording & recap of our session.

  • Checklist of the templates you need to create.

  • Additional resources such as Worksheets that will be helpful as you implement what we discussed.

  • One Automation Mapping (additional Automation(s) are available for an additional investment).


This option is perfect for Photographers, Wedding Pro's, VA's, Copywriters, Web Designers, and other service pros who are ready to simplify & streamline their businesses with HoneyBook!

INVESTMENT: Starting at $1,150 (Can add additional Automations for an additional investment.)

Mini VIP Day


Strategy Session + ELEVATE Master Plan


It's time to get all of those processes out of your head and into ACTION!

You know how you want your clients to feel while they're working with you, but all of your processes are a jumbled mess inside your head.

Regardless of whether you use HoneyBook, or another Client Management System, the ELEVATE Strategy Session will help you get the processes out of your head, as well as my expertise to help fill the gaps based on the best practices for your industry.

Perfect for Entrepreneurs who...

  • Already have an established business.

  • Are unsure about the effectiveness of their current client experience & business processes.

  • Want a guided approach to elevating their client experience with actionable steps.

Your ELEVATE Session includes:

  • 3 hour, 1:1 in-depth audit of your current client experience and business processes for one service offering from lead capture through offboarding.

  • Custom ELEVATE Master Plan with system suggestions & actionable steps to elevate your client experience.

  • 2 Weeks of Voxer Support after your ELEVATE Master Plan is delivered.

Here's what's included in your ELEVATE Master Plan:

  • Link to session recording.

  • Identifies gaps in your client experience and recommendations on how to fill them.

  • Recommendations of systems to streamline your client experience.

  • Complete breakdown of your client experience & business processes from start to finish, which can be used as a roadmap for any CRM you choose to implement.


This option is perfect for Photographers, Wedding Pro's, VA's, Copywriters, Web Designers, and other service pros who are ready to ELEVATE their Client Experience!

INVESTMENT: Starting at $1,100 (Can add additional service offerings for an additional investment.)


1 Week of Voxer Access

Looking for a quick way to get all those jumbled thoughts out of your head and into the hands of a Business & Systems Strategist?

During our Voxer Week, we'll talk through what you're currently struggling with in regards to systems and processes to come up with the perfect strategy so you can move forward with CONFIDENCE when we wrap up!

Perfect for Entrepreneurs who...

  • Already have an established business and an understanding of their client journey, but there are gaps or things holding you back from being able to truly elevate your client experience.

  • Have an understanding of business processes, but aren't sure how to get them out of your head and into action in a way that makes sense.

  • Have somewhat of a system in place to manage your clients, but you still feel like you're dropping the ball or things are falling through the cracks.

Your Voxer Clarity Week Includes:

  • 1 week (Monday - Friday) of Voxer Access.

  • You brain-dump all your struggles, frustrations, roadblocks and I'll provide feedback between the hours of 9 am - 4 p.m. EST

  • Worksheets may be assigned, if I find they're helpful.


This option is perfect for Photographers, Wedding Pro's, VA's, Copywriters, Web Designers, Coaches, and other service pros who are ready to ditch the frustration and overwhelm and chat with a Business & Systems Strategist!


Voxer Clarity Week


Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!


Click Let's Get Started!



Complete & submit the Contact Form.

Book your 30-Minute Discovery Coffee Chat.


Sign, Pay and Book your Service!


Audit + Clarity Session

Not sure if you're using HoneyBook to it's fullest potential or wondering how best to utilize a specific HoneyBook feature?

This is the session for you!


Find out what's working and what needs improving with the help of a HoneyBook Pro!

Perfect for Entrepreneurs who...

  • Have been using HoneyBook for a while and just have a couple of questions about how best to utilize some of the features.

  • Would like a HoneyBook Pro's eyes on their system to make sure they're using it to it's fullest capabilities.


Your HoneyBook Audit + Clarity Session includes:

  • 60 minute Zoom session to ask all of your questions about your HoneyBook system.

  • HoneyBook Pro tips pertaining to your unique business.

  • We'll discuss how having a strategic system in place for your unique business will not only save you time, but also elevate your client experience!

  • 1 week of Voxer Support after your session.

​You'll receive a link to the recording of your call, as well as notes regarding what we discussed within 24 hours of your scheduled call.​

This option is perfect for Photographers, Wedding Pro's, VA's, Copywriters, Web Designers, and other service pros who want clarity on how best to use specific features in HoneyBook to support their business!


Audit + Clarity
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Check out what my clients have to say:

"I highly recommend Stacey Hooker’s custom HoneyBook set up service if you’re looking for a way to streamline your client management procedures in a top-notch CRM platform! Stacey’s gift is that she’s able to take all the messy ideas and systems you already have in place and develop ways to simplify - and automate - everything so your time-consuming admin tasks function on autopilot."

Jess, Copywriter & Content Strategist




If you are ready to increase your booking rates, get paid, and get your time back by managing your business in one place, I'm here to help you get started!


Click the button below to book your Discovery Coffee Chat today!

Download Now!

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Stop wasting time, trying to figure out HoneyBook on your own!

Have you been looking for a step-by-step Roadmap from someone who specializes in HoneyBook set ups…like, say a HoneyBook Pro?




Grab your FREE HoneyBook Roadmap and start setting up your system like a PRO!


This HoneyBook Roadmap is an excerpt from the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp will take you through all of the steps needed to successfully set up your HoneyBook system without the second guessing and overwhelm.


These are the exact same steps I take all of my 1:1 clients through to ensure a smooth set up and you can grab it for FREE!

In your business!

Feel More Confident

Free up your time and get back to your favorite part of owning a business.

Don't forget to grab your 35% Discount on your first year with HoneyBook!

Use CODE: sweetlysimplifiedsystems

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