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Imagine having a streamlined business so you can be

more organized and provide a clear & simple client experience!


With the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp, you’ll go from having all of your business processes scattered around the internet to streamlined in ONE PLACE...HoneyBook!


Does this sound like you...

Right now, I am:


  • Using 7+ platforms to manage my leads, send contracts, and invoice clients.

  • Signed up for HoneyBook – but I only use it to send invoices and I'm struggling with how to implement all of the other features.

  • Frustrated with the amount of time it takes to onboard a single client.

  • Tired of bouncing around to different programs, trying to remember all my passwords, and keep things organized across so many different programs.

  • Ready to scale – and I know I need to get simplify and streamline to make it happen but I don’t know where to start.


You’re not alone! But it doesn’t have to be like this…

"I loved that each week there were bite sized pieces of content to work through without it feeling overwhelming. The behind-the-scenes walk throughs are so valuable and made it so much easier to visualize all the processes. The workbooks were so helpful too."

- Allison, Content Coach & Podcaster

Imagine if you had...

ONE platform that managed everything for your business in one place!


ALL of the HoneyBook features set-up and working for your unique business!


The ability to onboard new clients with a few clicks!


A CRM that was so automatic that it feels like you hired your own assistant!


A simplified and streamlined business that you can now scale with ease!


20+ hours back each month to spend on the things that matter most – family time, alone time, working in your business… the choice is yours! 


A HoneyBook Pro in your back pocket with modules you can watch time and time again to guide you through and show you how to customize your CRM to work for you!

This is exactly what you’re getting inside Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp!


"I learned so much from Stacey; I previously watched many YouTube videos and didn't come close to what I learned during Scatterbrained to Streamlined."


- Elyse, Bridal Makeup Expert

Orange with HB Pro badge.png

Presenting the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp with Stacey Hooker, Client Experience Strategist + HoneyBook Pro

Are you ready to go from Scatterbrained to Streamlined so you can scale your business without losing your mind?


If so, the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp is just what you’ve been looking for!


Whether you’re a complete HoneyBook newbie or have some things implemented within HoneyBook, this Bootcamp will meet you right where you are.

With 10+ Modules, lifetime access + all FUTURE UPDATES, and a Member Community...registering for this Bootcamp ensures you ALWAYS have a HoneyBook Pro right by your side!

If you're ready to streamline your business once and for all with the help of a fully functioning HoneyBook system, click the button below to get all the details!

If you're looking for a HoneyBook Pro to show you how to use all of the features and get the most out of the automations available… without the confusion, overwhelm, and tech-tears, THIS IS FOR YOU!


Join the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp to access 10+ self-study modules, video training, behind the scenes tutorials, workbooks, and so much more.


It's time to set-up HoneyBook so it can FINALLY work for your business and this Bootcamp gives you all the PRO short-cuts!

This bootcamp is for:

Wedding Pros

This is perfect for you if you...

✨ Have been in business at least one year.

✨ Have worked with at least 3 clients through project completion.

✨ Have a good idea of your packages/services and pricing.

✨ Have an idea of how you want your client experience to flow.


✨ Have piecemealed systems in place that you're ready to streamline in one place.

✨ Are ready to take ACTION to streamline your business with the guidance of a Pro!

This is NOT for you if you...

❌ Just started your business.

❌ Haven't worked with any clients yet.

❌ Don't have services/pricing in place.

❌ Don't have any processes in place.

❌ Aren't comfortable taking action to automate your business.

Say goodbye 👋 to all of those other platforms you’re currently using…

Get ready to manage all of this (and more!) in HoneyBook!

Don’t worry – I’ll show you exactly how to set up each feature and automation. No stress allowed!

Peggy Re James

Emily Conley

What You'll Get Inside the Bootcamp...

I'll be walking you through my SIGNATURE HoneyBook Pro System Set-Up Framework that, up till now, only my 1:1 VIP Experience clients received!

This includes:

🔥 10+ Modules/Trainings to learn how to build out and design each feature with behind the scenes screensharing so you know exactly how to implement what you've learned in each module!


🔥 Workbooks, which include worksheets, templates and HoneyBook Pro Frameworks for each and every module!


🔥 Lifelong access to Bootcamp + all FUTURE UPDATES!


You’re also getting:

  • Member Portal to easily track your progress through the Bootcamp!

  • Private Facebook Community just for Bootcamp Members!

  • Monthly Open Office Hour Coffee Chats in the Member Community!

  • Access to discounted 1:1 Support Calls!


"The sequence and pace Stacey is providing is making it easy for all the busy schedules. The sequence is making so much sense for all kinds of reasons, everything is playing off the work order."


- Lori H.

The Experience

See what previous Bootcamp members have to say...


"Nothing is too "secret" or held hostage, like in so many other classes and courses I have taken."

"Stacey was so awesome to work with, because she Clearly prioritizes making your business organization and goals happen! She does this with clear direction, lots of visuals and interactive videos! Nothing is too "secret" or held hostage, like in so many other classes and courses I have taken. If you have a question or concern, she is your "Honey Book Pro"! It feels like you have not only gained so much knowledge and clear step-by-step instruction, but a new friend! She is here to guide you, and if you want your business to Bloom and move forward in a positive direction, you would be Crazy to not work with her." - Lynda, Florist

Hey there!

Hi! I’m Stacey, your Client Experience Strategist + HoneyBook Pro. I know what it’s like to have your business processes scattered around all the “free” platforms online.


Before I found HoneyBook, I was using 7+ platforms to onboard and manage my digital marketing management clients. So, believe me when I say, I know exactly what it’s like to feel completely scatterbrained when it comes to managing your business processes and client journey!

Since joining HoneyBook in the spring of 2020, I’ve been able to scale my business in a way I never thought was possible! With the majority of my onboarding process and client management on autopilot, I can spend all those hours I used to spend on these tasks growing my business, spending time with family...or taking a nap.

Stacey Hooker_Honeybook Pro.jpg
HoneyBook Pros_Badge_Dark_Wide.png

Since making the complete shift to focusing ONLY on HoneyBook, I’ve helped 80+ business owners simplify and streamline their business with HoneyBook, but that’s not enough! I created the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp to impact even more people in a group learning environment. 


I’m a hands-on, visual learner who likes to take things step-by-step and I’ve learned there are many others out there who learn the same way. So, that’s exactly I lead you through this process, just as I do with my VIP Experience clients!


I know how overwhelming it is to dive into HoneyBook and try to get started on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone! There’s no better way to dive in and get it done than with a HoneyBook Pro by your side every step of the way.


Regardless of whether you’re just beginning or you have some things already in place within HoneyBook, I’ll meet you right where you are during this Bootcamp!

Ready to Simplify & Streamline your HoneyBook system once and for all?

Click the link below to join the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp!


  Modules Include:  

Module 1: Branding, Company Settings & Email Signature

Module 2: Business Processes & Client Journey

Module 3: Package Templates + Pricing

Module 4: HoneyBook Contact Form + Scheduler

Module 5: Automation Mapping

Module 6: Creating Your Assets in HoneyBook

Module 7: All Things Smart Files

Module 8: Building Your First Automation

Module 9: Testing & Tweaking

Module 10: Launching

It's time to Simplify & Streamline!

Join the Scatterbrained to Streamlined Bootcamp for only $627!

*Payment plans are available at checkout. Get started for only $219!

  • 10+ Modules with behind the scenes, show you how it's done, training to make implementation a breeze!

  • Workbooks with worksheets, templates and HoneyBook Pro Framework in every module!

  • Member Portal to easily keep track of your progress!

  • Lifetime access to the Bootcamp including ALL FUTURE UPDATES & NEW FEATURES!

  • Member Community where you can ask questions and get clarification as you're working through the Bootcamp!

  • Monthly Open Office Hour Coffee Chats in the Member Community!

  • Access to highly discounted 1:1 Support Calls!


Everything you need to set up your HoneyBook system like  a PRO is in this Bootcamp!


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